Friday, August 26, 2011

Welcome Back!

Hello! And welcome back to campus! I hope that you've purchased your text books (and my book :) as a way to be that proactive student your teacher will love and appreciate mid-semester. Remember to only bring the necessary items from home because you don't want your space cramped up. Hopefully you and your roomie have gotten the basic rules together about company, food sharing, and tidy-ness. If not, hop to it!!! Make your move in day the easiest day of the year, trust me the emotions will make it hard enough. Please make your bags and bins light enough and sturdy enough to be carried up several flights of stairs (the elevators are going to take forever!). Here's a thought, how about moving in at a time that most people are either done, or still in bed? That way you wont have to stand in elevator traffic and you wont be in the hustle and bustle of moving in. There are some perks of moving in right in the middle of "rush hour" though. Several on campus organizations help others move in, as well as offer free snacks, and supplies for the school year. It's also a great way to meet new faces and see some familiar ones. Think about it! But don't stress your parents out! Help make their load easier, so they can load you up before they leave, "Wally World anyone?"

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