Thursday, June 23, 2011

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Raise Your Voice!

Hello?Hello? Can you hear me now?
If you’re speaking in that inside voice, no.
It’s me again and I am here to offer another opportunity to put a positive word in your ear. I’ve been wondering how I can continue to speak to you from behind a closed comfort zone and allow others to be comfortable in letting life pass them by. I have tried to come up with the best answer I have, but I can’t. Everyone in life is different. That is the outline for the coloring sheet of diversity and if you haven’t noticed, the world is as diverse as anything can be. People may be sitting in the same room reading the same passage that you are, but you all have different backgrounds and will return to your prospective lives but if all you are doing is taking a back seat there will be no good news to look forward to.
 “$**t happens.”
Yeah that’s a quote that everyone knows from experience, but it’s what you do after the unfortunate circumstances that makes you stay in control. You can’t allow the views others have about you or your beliefs change the way that you feel about your own beliefs and morals. For example, if people are talking bad about you or your friends remember to raise your voice and be heard. Let them know that they may not like you, but they will respect you and you won’t tolerate that behavior from an “adult”. Remember “to have a real friend, you must first be a real friend.” No one wants a friend that they can’t trust.
Another example, don’t be afraid to speak up in class. The teachers already have a stereotype about you, so prove them wrong. Read the material, take good notes, and visit their office hours! Besides, during class everyone is waiting on that unique statement that will drive the point home, and maybe that statement is coming from you. Some people are so overwhelmed with what the world is throwing at them that they get lost in the shuffle and take a back seat and allow things to happen, don’t. Stand up for yourself and what you know is right. Make a name for yourself as being someone that is wiling to take a chance and speak up when everyone else has lost their voice. Don’t be afraid to make your voice count. Don’t lose your voice.